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Our Community Center is HOT!

As the temperatures drop outside, come warm up in the latest addition to the Community Center the sauna. Located on the pool deck near the spa, the sauna is open for all residents and guests (ages 19 and older) to use at no charge.

Due to the nature of this activity, please let the monitors know you will be going in the sauna and sign the release provided for you. General safety rules and directions on how to use the sauna are posted on the outside walls, but please read and always keep in mind the following:

- Avoid large meals and excessive alcohol before taking a sauna.
- Never smoke, use alcohol, or exercise in the sauna.
- People who suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as pregnant women, should consult a physician before taking a sauna.
- Bathing suits are required, and towels to sit on are suggested.
- DO NOT use pool or spa water on the rocks to create steam. Tap water is allowed.
- No children under the age of 19 are allowed in the sauna.
- Use the 15-minute timer provided for you.
- Showers are MANDATORY before entering the pool or spa.

Enjoy your new amenity, and please take every precaution to be safe.